Kamis, 24 April 2014

now available bbm 8

bbm 8 is the new generation of bbm. rim was release it on 2013 that you can upgrade your bbm free on appworld. it has many new feature,such us bbm channel, and new ribbon design. many people likes this new bbm. but there is also people who doesn't like this bbm. why?? it is because the connections problem. the problem is if you're on a bad signal area,your bbm will get lag. then the next problem is the bbm ribbon and bbm memory use. what happen whit this??? the new bbm ribbon might doesn't compatible with your old blackberry because it uses a lot of your memory.

so if you want to use this bbm version,you have to thingking again before upgrading to version 8. i recomended you to use the latest blackberry like z10,,z30,q10,etc. to use this bbm 8. if you don't like this bbm. you can downgrade it to version 7 in this link: download bbm 7

bbm 8 look                                                                 bbm logo

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